Barbara Mitchell to present upcoming webinar

Please join The Big Book of HR author Barbara Mitchell on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 at 12:30 Central for her webinar presentation "Rewards and Recognition: How to Retain and Motivate Your Best Employees." Barbara is teaming up with BLR-Business and Legal Resources to present this 90 minute webinar. 

In response to the recession, more than 60 percent of all U.S. companies took cost-cutting actions that involved some sort of reduction in force, oftentimes increasing the workloads of existing employees, freezing salary increases, and reducing bonuses. As a result, 6 in 10 employers believe their cost-cutting measures increased workplace stress, and the added workload and diminished rewards made it more likely for employees jump ship for a job that would offer them a better work/life balance if the opportunity presented itself.

So as the economy starts to rebound and more employment opportunities start popping up, how can you keep your best employees from jumping ship?

One answer many organizations are turning to is a reward or recognition program. Taking a practical approach to recognizing exceptional employees -- even in the simplest of ways -- can drastically increase productivity, reduce turnover, and make for happier employees.

Whether you opt for individual rewards or some form of team recognition, highlighting the work of your top performers in a way that appeals to people from all backgrounds and generations can be beneficial to your employees' attitudes toward their jobs as well as to your organization's future.

Participate in this interactive webinar, and you'll learn:

  • What motivates multiple generations in today’s workforce
  • Why cash isn’t always king
  • Rewards programs that can backfire on you and how to avoid them
  • What employees really want when they say they need to feel valued
  • How to get your management team on board and enthusiastic about making your rewards program work at all levels
  • Why perception matters as much as any plaque or recognition and how to make sure it's part of your organization's culture
  • And more

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