Book Reviews for The Big Book of HR

The Big Book of HR is an easy-to-use guide filled with examples, tips, and sidebars. Each chapter can stand alone for quick reference, and the appendix is full of forms and samples that can be easily assimilated into any organization’s HR operations.

This was a book that is a must have for any human resource professional or really any person who is managing other people. The book is well designed and you can easily find the intricacies of management whether this is has to do with employee benefits, disability issues, performance management or other such issues. The book provided some great step-by-step instructions in how to develop high quality policies and procedures that can be easily implemented within your workplace too. I highly recommend this book to all!

Dad of Divas' Reviews
Monday, January 23, 2012

THE BIG BOOK OF HR provides explicit resources for workplace…programs and … practicable applications... Bravo to Barbara Mitchell & Cornelia Gamlem, and Career Press for seeing the sparkle in this gem of simplicity amongst and for the masses!”

Salvador SeBasco
Literary Director and host of THE INSIDE VIEW SHOWTM BROADCAST
book critic, on staff with a CNN affiliate station.

February 11, 2012


Managing people is the most challenging part of any leader's day. And that job certainly is not getting any easier. The Big Book of HR will provide any HR professional, manager, or business owner of any size organization the information they need to get the most from their talent. It is filled with information on everything from the most strategic HR-related issues to the smallest tactical detail of how to manage people.