Customer Experience…More than Good Service! A Tip From The Manager’s Answer Book

I just had one of those amazing customer services experiences that reminded me of how things should be but how rarely they are.  

It was a simple on line transaction that was made far too complicated by their processes and I had to make multiple attempts to fix simple mistakes. So, when I FINALLY resolved the issue and got an immediate message from their site asking for feedback, you can bet I did the quick survey which took all of 10 seconds because all I had to do was to click on the image that best fit how I felt about my experience.

Within minutes, I had an email message from a real person who apologized, explained what had happened and, here’s the best part—before she emailed me, she’d checked to see that everything was in order and wished me a great trip. The message was warm and friendly without being intrusive.  I felt so much better about the time I’d wasted on their site.

Manager’s Tip:  In our latest book, The Manager’s Answer Book, we pose a question: “I want to be sure we’re providing our customers with the best customer service, but I keep hearing that good customer service isn’t enough—that we have to give them a good customer experience. How can I make sure we are doing that?”

One thing we say in our answer is: “Create an emotional connection with your customers, because customers become loyal when they feel they received how they felt when they used a particular service or product. Studies show that an emotionally engaged customer is at least three times more likely to recommend your product or service. Emotional connections are formed when your employee finds a way to do something so special for a customer that the person is blown away.”

See page 159 of The Manager’s Answer Book for the full answer and a great example of how to provide a customer experience from Zappos. 

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