Employee Retention

The retention of customers, employees or team members of any group or organization provides consistency, stability and saves time, money and resources. Regarding retention, I totally agree with what Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem say in “The Big Book of HR.” They focus on enabling ways for employees to form connections:

to the organization,

to the work they do,

with each other,

and with their manager.

Here is what they say: “People connect to the organization by believing in its mission, vision, and values. They connect to the work they do by understanding where their work fits in — and how it supports the organization’s mission. They connect with each other to form teams and to pull together to get the work done as efficiently and accurately as possible. And they connect with their manager by being treated in a fair and equitable manner, and by knowing that their manager supports them and the work they do.”

These connections become solid, strong and meaningful when we invest adequate time, speak the truth and intentionally build trust.

Invest adequate time: Take time to share ideas and insights regarding how we are living and working in alignment with your mission, vision and values. Give opportunity for each team member to specifically identify how they fit and contribute to the overall process and the work of your business. Take time to train and practice working as a team. Ask employees and customers how you can best serve them and make things easier for them as they work for you or purchase your products and services.

Speak the truth: State directly and instill honesty as a value in your organization. Be truthful with all customers and employees about all areas of your business. Give complete, accurate and consistent information to all team members.

In all aspects of coaching, sharing feedback and evaluation, speak the truth. Open, direct and truthful communication establishes a culture where people can best share their questions, concerns and ideas. As this happens and is personally experienced and observed, customers and employees will enjoy an internal and external sense of security and peace of mind. An organization that has a culture of speaking the truth enables greater freedom of expression and exploring one’s potential. Ultimately everyone will wish to remain involved with your organization.

Intentionally build trust: Taking time and truthful communication build a solid foundation for trust. Beyond this, a focus on competence, confidence and consistency will ensure higher levels of trust. As you provide coaching, training and a variety of support systems for team members, their competence and confidence will increase. The final challenge regarding trust is to establish consistency. Giving intentional attention to consistency is a critical factor. This can best be done through discipline, evaluative feedback plus measuring and monitoring. This happens by holding self and each other accountable.

Building connections with time, truth and trust is not an easy task, yet when done intentionally and consistently over time, creates an environment of pride, comfort and synergy that is contagious and sustainable. It becomes a path to Retention!


 Special thanks to Bernie Linnartz, of Empowerment Experts, is a consultant, coach and facilitator

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