Helping Employees Deal with Workplace Stress: Tips From The Manager’s Answer Book

Managers in our fast-paced business environment face many challenges but none perhaps greater than how to help employees deal with ever changing priorities and the stress it can cause.  Many people don’t respond well when, just as they’ve started a big project, they’re told that that work is being discontinued or put on hold and now they have to switch to a whole new set of deliverables.

Manager’s Tips:  We address that topic in our latest book—The Manager’s Answer Book.  The question is” This organization moves quickly and priorities shift frequently. This puts a lot of stress on our teams. As a manager, what can I do to mitigate stress for my team?”

Here’s some of the answer:  “I am so glad you recognize that the work environment can be highly stressful to your team—and to you as well. In addition, there’s the reality that your employees are trying to balance work needs with family and life needs. You’re probably not going to be able to change the fast pace of change in your organization, so what can you do?”

  • Encourage your employees to take breaks during the day. Even a minute of deep breathing can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Exercise is an important factor in reducing stress. Stretch breaks can work wonders, as can short works outside. Fresh air can be invigorating.
  • Be as flexible as possible about time off so that employees can take care of issues in their personal lives. It will give them peace of mind.

For more ideas on how to help your staff deal with stress, see page 84 of The Manager’s Answer Book.

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