Spring Forward—Season of Renewal

After the winter we’ve had in the Washington, DC area, we’re all wondering if we will ever see anything but cold, snowy days! After several years of mild winters, we’ve had a winter for the record books. During the months of this long winter, a frequent topic of conversation started with “will spring ever come?”

Spring is a time of renewal. Even with snow on the ground, it is exciting to see buds on the trees and the hearty crocuses pushing up through the frozen ground! What a good time to reflect on what really is important. We are all so busy trying to keep ahead of the projects on our plates so why not take a minute or an hour or a day or a weekend to relax and enjoy your favorite relaxing activity?

I am fortunate to have season tickets to the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC and our tickets are for Thursday nights. This month, I wasn’t able to go on Thursday so I switched my tickets to a Saturday matinee. What a difference! I was so much more relaxed and could actually enjoy the play without wondering what time it would be over (as you know, Shakespeare didn’t write short plays!), what time would I get home and how early my first meeting was on Friday morning!

Henry IV (part 1) was amazing! Stacy Keach as Falstaff is a “must see”! I so enjoyed the play and the relaxed atmosphere around me in the theatre. There is something very different about the Saturday crowd. I imagine many people did as we did and enjoyed brunch at a great restaurant before heading over to the theatre. I wasn’t tired and wasn’t looking at my watch during the performance to see when it might be over—I was able to enjoy the play on a very different level and, most importantly, I felt renewed by the experience.

And then there’s spring cleaning. I have no idea where this idea came from but I can guess it goes along with the idea of renewal. After being cooped up with windows and doors shut tight during the winter, there is something to be said for opening up and breathing in clean, fresh air in spring. How about in organizations? Spring is a great time to take a good look at how and why we do things. What a great opportunity to meet with staff and talk about what’s working and what we might change. And, spring is a good time to do something outdoors to celebrate getting through winter. How can you re-energize your staff? Maybe a picnic or a soft ball challenge in a local park to get everyone out of the office and enjoying a spring afternoon? Maybe a community event, such as donating staff time to clean up a local park or participate in a build day for your local Habitat for Humanity.

How will you celebrate spring this year? Whatever you do, take time to enjoy warmer weather and this wonderful season of renewal!

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