Walk Your Talk in 3 Easy Steps

While recently dining in a local Asian restaurant with friends from my yoga class, we simultaneously opened our fortune cookies after dinner and took turns reading our fortune. Mine succinctly stated, “We must walk our talk.” Immediately, three words came to mind: Listen, Trust, and Know. “Listen to whom? Trust what? Know how?

We are constantly bombarded with articles to read, information to decipher and well-meaning friends who have the “answers.” As a teacher and counselor, students and clients ask me, “What should I eat to stay healthy? Some articles say become a vegetarian, some friends say I should go raw. It is all so confusing.” Or, “How should I act in the presence of my in-laws (at holidays or family gatherings)?” Another popular question: “With the economy the way it is, how can I earn more money?” The list goes on, ad infinitum. Let’s break it down as to what steps we can take to direct our own inner compass and let go of the mind chatter and disharmony that goes on around us every day.

Step 1: Listen: when we have a daily practice of meditation and/or sitting in silence (just being), we are able to create a space where we can listen and hear the inner guidance. When we become still, we really can hear that still, small voice within. It actually does sound very much like our own. Try it for just 20 minutes a day.

Step 2: Trust. Making a habit of listening in the silence enables us to trust what we hear in the stillness of the silence. When we trust our inner wisdom, we can be rest assured that we are not making a mistake. The results will amaze you.

Step 3: Know. Meditation, as a daily routine, supports us in our knowledge. There is a knowing which becomes crystal clear as we become that perfectly aligned channel for the universe to work through us. It is up to us to know this and not resist the knowingness. The universe is all about vibration as everything has a vibratory rate. You will know when something does not resonate with you.

When we cultivate a regular practice of listening in the silence and meditation, we let go of the confusion. The answers come easily and effortlessly. The key is to trust the inner compass as to your direction. It is not the same as anyone else.
As you lead by example, when you listen, trust and know, you become unshakeable and confident in walking your talk as you move gracefully through your day in total confidence and joy.

Kathleen Zurenko, MCS

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