Why Should I Delegate? - Tips From The Manager’s Answer Book

We hear this question a lot in our consulting work with managers at all levels. Some people don’t want to delegate work because they don’t want to give up doing the things they love to do. Others say they don’t delegate because they can do the work faster or better (or faster AND better) than showing someone else how to do the task.

Manager’s Tips:  If any of these reasons apply to you, let’s consider why you should delegate.

  1. Delegating routine tasks frees up your time to think, strategize, and manage your team.
  2. Delegating work is a way to develop new skills in your staff.
  3. Delegating work shows you trust your employees which goes a long way in establishing a positive work environment.

When you are comfortable delegating, think about who is the best person on your staff to take on a new challenge. Consider who has the potential to take on this task so that you ensure a successful outcome. You certainly don’t want to set people up to fail.

When you have that person in mind, provide all the help and resources they need. Set some milestones so that you check on their progress, and make yourself available for consultation. Don’t forget to reward their good performance.

For more information on how to be a good delegator, see page 54 of The Manager’s Answer 

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