Will You Take Returns?

Many organizations are finding the competition for new hires to be challenging at best so why not consider bringing former employees who left in good standing?  These are sometimes referred to boomerang employees and are typically people who left  you to pursue a job they thought was perfect—but maybe it didn’t work that way so they might be willing to return.

The good news is you know the quality of their work and they know your culture.  They will return having had new experiences and hopefully, new ideas but before you go after former employees, you will want to give this some serious thought and consider:

  • How will your current employees react to a former employee returning? 
  • How will the returning employee react to perhaps having to report to someone who was a peer (or even a direct report) before they resigned?
  • Will you grant them their original hire date for benefits purposes? If yes, is this fair to people who’ve stayed with you?
  • How will you bring the returning employees up to speed on changes you’ve made since they left? Caution: they may think everything stayed the same as before.

Re-hiring former good employees might be part of your overall recruiting strategy so you may want to give it a try.  In today’s highly competitive war for talent, you want to be sure you are casting a wide net for new hires. Some other sources might include using social media including 

Twitter and LinkedIn as well as networking and your own career page on your organization’s website.   And we have more information about recruiting former employees on page 62 of The Big Book of HR.  

Don’t overlook a highly cost effective source—a well crafted employee referral program which we will discuss in future blogs.

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