• Productive Conflict is not an Oxymoron

    Based on an interview with Rodger Dean Duncan, originally posted on forbes.com on September 23, 2017Conflict is inevitable. Combat is optional. Conflict—when it’s handled appropriately—can lead to breakthrough solutions.

  • Break Points -- Productivity Boosters or Waste of Time?

    I imagine that most of us think that taking a break from work isn't a good thing. We've been conditioned to think that hard work is what pays off, and hard work is measured by how long we work -- right? Have you ever been praised for your ability to take frequent breaks from your tasks? No, most of us get reinforcement for "keeping our nose to the grindstone" -- a rather outdated phrase, but I bet you've heard it sometime in your working life!Well, it appears that work...

  • Harvest Season

    It’s autumn – a season that’s named twice, fall and autumn – not a season that is generally thought of as a time of renewal. However, in autumn there is still a lot of activity going on. It’s the season of the harvest – when the final crops are coming in and being sold.

  • Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

    Driving through west Texas in July 2017, the turning windmills on the side of the road seemed to be dancing in synchrony – like a line of Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City dancing and kicking in a chorus line. I didn’t have to visit Holland after all to see windmills. What a great country we live in!  This was a big change from the oil wells I saw in east Texas, the first time I visited the state oh so long ago.  Not just the change in the landsc...

  • 15 Phrases That Will Help You Better Understand a Hard Conversation. By Marissa Levin

    I've had the opportunity to dig into a new book that I believe will solve many communications problems for anyone who reads it: "The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book.”  It has more than 2,000 phrases to address virtually any type of workplace conflict, but of course we can apply these theories to our personal relationships too. In today's distracted environment where people are concurrently checking or being interrupted by their devices while having conversations...

  • The Writing Life

    “Give yourself permission to write a sh...y first draft.” Seriously, that was one piece of advice we heard from the bestselling novelist, Lisa Scottoline, at the 2017 Writer's Digest Annual Conference. We’ve been making the trip to New York City to attend this conference for the past five years where we get to hear from successful authors who generously share ideas about their writing process. We learn about the business and craft of writing from people who’ve succeed...

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