• #KuToo

    You may have read recently about the protest in Japan. Women are protesting, no revolting, against the requirement that they wear high heels to work, claiming it’s gender discrimination. Japan’s Health, Labour and Welfare Minister, Takumi Nemoto, a man, claims, “It is socially accepted as something that falls within the realm of being occupationally necessary and appropriate.”  Well, I respectfully disagree.When I heard a news clip on the radio about the #KuToo ...

  • Commencements and Commitments

    It’s June, the month of graduations and weddings — commencements and commitments. Graduations.  They occur at the end of an academic phase — the end of high school or college, for example — with a commencement ceremony. A commencement is a beginning or start of something new.

  • First Impressions

    I recently walked into a huge office complex for the first time and stopped for a moment looking for the building directory. I heard a voice behind me say, “Do you have a problem?” I didn’t think he could be talking to me but when he repeated the words, I realized he was – he was asking me if I had a problem.I was stunned at his choice of words.  He must have thought he was being helpful, but he made me feel I’d done something wrong.

  • What Employee’s Value from Work: Tips From The Manager’s Answer Book

    The Washington Post, using an independent research organization, does an annual survey called Top Workplaces.  They publish the results in their Sunday Post magazine.It’s not surprising to learn employees surveyed are looking for organizations where they have confidence in the firm’s direction.  Even in a time of low unemployment, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  • Words Do Matter: Tips From The Manager’s Answer Book

    We were at a museum recently which had a number of wartime planes on display. What struck me about one was its description. It included statements such as: She was built in [year], she flew [x number] of missions, she was taken out of service in [year].

  • Busy is Not the Point

    If you don’t follow the great Seth Godin on social media, I highly recommend you start today. He always makes me think.For example, recently he posted this -- “There are no points for being busy -- busy is not the point.”This really resonated with me!  I frequently tell people that I don’t just like to be busy. I like to be “crazy busy”.  But as I reflect on my own life, I think I am guilty of thinking being busy in and of itself is a good ...

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