• Conflict, Stress & Holidays – Oh My!

    It rained all night and the result for us was a peaceful night’s sleep.  “It’s a great way to relieve stress,” my husband declared. What stress is he under, I thought, but it had been a long time since we’ve slept through a rainy night. We live in the desert and rain here is rare.  I’m writing this in late September, just after the devastating storm named Florence battered the east coast.

  • Having Fun at Work? A Tip from The Manager’s Answer Book

    Wait a minute—isn’t having fun at work an oxymoron?  Isn’t work supposed to be serious just because it’s WORK? Yes, of course—work is serious, unless you’re lucky enough to be a comedy writer or circus clown, but aren’t there ways we can still have some fun at work and still be productive?Our answer to this question is that not only can you have fun at work, there are good business reasons why you should bring some levity into your organization...

  • Why Mentoring Works - A Tip from The Manager’s Answer Book

    I’ve worked with many top-quality mentors during my business career and I hope you have been as fortunate as I was. It was an honor to work with generous people who willingly shared their expertise to help me hone my skills as a manager.Remember when we thought that mentors had to be older people with many years of experience? Well, those days are over.

  • Lifelong Learning A Tip from The Manager’s Answer Book

    The May-June, 2018 issue of The Harvard Business Review has an article titled, “Why Lifelong Learning Matters More than Ever” which contains a powerful statement, “Lifelong learning is fundamental to building strong communities, companies, and economies.”The article discusses how life long learning can go a long way toward helping us solve the skills shortage. While there are more and more learning possibilities available to our employees, not enough people take advantage...

  • Third Time’s a Charm

    Fifth Avenue holds fond memories for Cornelia who grew up on Long Island – frequent visits with her father as a child to view the store windows during the holidays.  So when our first book together, The Big Book of HR, was published, we were in New York for a writer’s conference and walked over Barnes & Noble on 5th Avenue in New York City to see our book displayed on a shelf — pretty exciting for both of us. We never thought we’d tope that experience! We th...

  • The Disciple @Work A Tip From The Manager’s Answer Book

    The word discipline often is associated with negative and constricting connotations as it is used today.   For example, control gained by enforcing obedience or order, self-control or even punishment.  However, according to Merriam Webster, the origin and etymology of the word discipline is from the Latin disciplina meaning teaching and learning, or as I heard recently, to impart knowledge and to enlighten.When you think of disciplining one of your employees are you thinking of it...

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