• Make New Friends but Keep the Old…

    I recently had a speaking engagement in a city where I’d lived. It had been several years since I’d visited there, so I extended my business trip to stay for the weekend to see friends.I really enjoyed returning to a place where I’d spent many happy years, but I must admit that I was constantly saying things like, “That wasn’t here when I lived here” or “This looks just the same as it did years ago.”The best part of the weekend was reconnecting wit...

  • Beyond Black and White

    Diversity often gets described as something to do with skin tone.  Black and brown. Red, yellow and white.

  • Inspiring Confidence

    A local business owner shared an interesting experience with me recently. She received an inquiry through her company’s website. Would she be interested in a certain niche service for her business?

  • You Know What You Should Do

    Not long after we wrote The Big Book of HR, we were speaking at an event and signing books.  During a lull in the activity, someone came and sat down next to us — uninvited — and starting chatting away.  “My father wrote a book,” she said and proceeded to tell us about it.  We weren’t paying much attention, not that we were rude, but potential book buyers approached and we turned our focus to them. When the conference attendees returned to t...

  • Creativity - Use It or Lose It

    I recently read a quote from Maya Angelou that I can’t stop thinking about.  She said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”She’s absolutely right – as if I’d ever disagree with someone as talented as Ms.

  • Everyone Has a Story

    Think about the last presentation you sat through or the latest speech you heard. What do you remember? Odds are, you remember a story the speaker shared but maybe not all the details that were also included in the presentation.Why?

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Managing people is the most challenging part of any leader's day. And that job certainly is not getting any easier. The Big Book of HR will provide any HR professional, manager, or business owner of any size organization the information they need to get the most from their talent. It is filled with information on everything from the most strategic HR-related issues to the smallest tactical detail of how to manage people.