• Bad News/Good News – Which Comes First?

    Conventional wisdom about performance feedback indicates that you should start off a meeting with the employee with good news. Indeed, we’ve written in the past about the importance of creating a positive communicative atmosphere. In that spirit, we said:Be sensitive to the employee’s feelings.

  • Up Your Game in 2018

    A new year is here and with it brings all the trials that come with people management. We’d like to offer not a resolution, but a challenge to managers – up your game and let us help.We’re starting the year off by finishing our manuscript for The Manager’s Answer Book – scheduled to be published this spring. This has given us the opportunity over the past months to consider, discuss and write about those traits and skills that make a manager great – curiosity,...

  • 'Tis the Season

    Like it or not, 'tis the season. You survived Thanksgiving -- the turkey, the trimmings, the desserts, and the family gathered round the table. You're thankful that your right-wing uncle and left-wing aunt kept their political differences civil, that your zany cousin kept her antics to a minimum, and that your outspoken brother focused his attention and comments on the football game and didn't offend anyone.

  • Happy Holidays!

    No, I’m not declaring a “War on Christmas!” This season does encompass many holidays starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Day. Different religions and cultures have other celebrations and observances. I love this season with all the lights, decorations, and songs.  I have so many fond family memories of decorating the Christmas tree with my siblings and father -- laughing and squabbling.

  • Conflict - It's Not Make Believe

    We know that conflict is a necessary ingredient in a good story, but how about at work? Well, it can be positive if it’s managed and optimized. Conflict can lead to innovation and creativity resulting in business growth and success.

  • It's Always a Good Time for Gratitude

    I've been part of a group that meets monthly to discuss the topic of leadership. There are usually about 30 people in attendance -- sometimes more and sometimes fewer, but everyone there really wants to be there since the meeting starts at 7 am!We meet at a law firm, and the partner in this very prestigious firm always warmly welcomes us. This month she said more than usual -- she said how grateful she was for the people who come month after month and actively participate in the learning tha...

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