• 3 Myths About Workplace Conflict

    April is Workplace Conflict Awareness Month. Let’s take the opportunity to dispel these myths about conflict.Difficult people are almost always the cause of conflict. People’s behavior, not the people themselves, can cause difficulty and be the underlying cause of problems. While bad behavior is certainly a contributor of conflict, it’s not the only cause.Failing to set realistic expectations is a big contributor.

  • April is Workplace Conflict Awareness Month

    Who knew? I first became aware of this in April 2017 when I did an interview with Greg Cellini for his show Thank God For Monday.  To celebrate Workplace Conflict Awareness Month 2018, I returned (virtually) to the studio of WSOU to record another interview with Greg. This was the third time I had the pleasure of speaking with him on the air and it is always a delightful experience.  It always feels as if we’re having a conversation over a cup of coffee.

  • Now what do you do?

    You’re moving along in your work life and suddenly you have a co-worker who doesn’t like you or tries to sabotage your work?  What do you do when you face animosity from a co-work?These were the questions that opened an interview I had this week with a reporter writing for FastCompany.com about how employees can deal with co-workers who seem to have animosity toward them. What a great topic for Workplace Conflict Awareness Month!Here are a few of the things we talked about:...

  • 5 Things Managers Can Do About Conflict

    Managers often find themselves trapped in the middle of a situation involving members of their team – situations or issues that are not theirs to solve. What’s a manager to do?  A manager doesn’t necessarily own every issue – the employees do. Managers shouldn’t needlessly add to their workloads by trying to solve everything.

  • Transparency—A Business Imperative

    Employees today are demanding total transparency from their organizations. It used to be that most leaders thought they had to be truthful with the world—including their employees—when they’d done something wrong and they needed to confess. Sure, that is a great time to be transparent but it’s not a “one and done” kind of action—we need to be transparent all the time.I know this makes many people nervous—not because they have something to hide.

  • Beyond #MeToo – 5 Considerations

    1. Rewards and recognition. Like other workplace behavior, you should be thinking of rewards and recognition.

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