• Creativity - Use It or Lose It

    I recently read a quote from Maya Angelou that I can’t stop thinking about.  She said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”She’s absolutely right – as if I’d ever disagree with someone as talented as Ms.

  • Everyone Has a Story

    Think about the last presentation you sat through or the latest speech you heard. What do you remember? Odds are, you remember a story the speaker shared but maybe not all the details that were also included in the presentation.Why?

  • Freedom — A Powerful Word

    Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of the press.

  • Celebrate Pride — Celebrate Diversity

    The curtain opened to reveal the performers — all clad in tie-dyed shirts, a tribute to the summer of 1969 — the summer of love. I immediately noticed the inclusion of individuals with disabilities among the chorus members, themselves a diverse group. Diversity has no limits.

  • #KuToo

    You may have read recently about the protest in Japan. Women are protesting, no revolting, against the requirement that they wear high heels to work, claiming it’s gender discrimination. Japan’s Health, Labour and Welfare Minister, Takumi Nemoto, a man, claims, “It is socially accepted as something that falls within the realm of being occupationally necessary and appropriate.”  Well, I respectfully disagree.When I heard a news clip on the radio about the #KuToo ...

  • Commencements and Commitments

    It’s June, the month of graduations and weddings — commencements and commitments. Graduations.  They occur at the end of an academic phase — the end of high school or college, for example — with a commencement ceremony. A commencement is a beginning or start of something new.

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